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And in the blink of an eye, the assassin summons his giant toad and leaps down to crush Boruto. Luckily, Ao uses a water jutsu and the deluge washes Boruto away, clearing him of the hit. I love way the anime is expanding Ao's character more and making feels like a character compared to his manga counterpart in Boruto which was one-dimensional. The audience know he doesn't consider himself a shinobi, so I want to know what is the exact reason for him joining the Kara organization?

Ao in boruto

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Ao is armed with the drones. They start 30 meters apart on a similar battlefield to the one in the background of Ao’s picture. 2021-01-30 As someone who is a cyborg, Ao’s a great character to teach Boruto about how science can be used to help other people. It’s because of Katasuke’s scientific research Ao’s still alive. Katasuke gave Ao a prosthetic arm, a leg, and a few other parts. Science isn’t inherently bad or good. Boruto: Ao’s rehabilitation in the new episode of the anime.

To help Konohamaru and the others escape from this inevitable fight, Mugino decides to devote himself by letting him be pierced by a tool embedded in Ao’s arm. Even after everything that happened, we saw that Ao was still alive. Boruto Episode 185 Spoilers and Preview 2021-02-15 2018-09-13 #Ao boruto #so damn hot #ahhhhhhhhh #daily dose of Ao for me #hmmmm #ao pls #damn #in the last one #ao looks like he doesn't give a single fuck #that's my man!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Vol. 9: Kodachi, Ukyo

However, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are ready to welcome their enemy. - In Boruto Episode 186, Ao gets the chance to explain his reasoning for his betrayal of Konoha, but the more he explains, the less sense he … #Ao boruto #so damn hot #ahhhhhhhhh #daily dose of Ao for me #hmmmm #ao pls #damn #in the last one #ao looks like he doesn't give a single fuck #that's my man! #XD #sorry I'm hella tired #but i can't sleep #he's always on my mind #his smirks are so CUTE #he'd slap me #and I'd say thank you #his smiles are haunting my mind #:( i love him 2018-03-26 · Boruto Manga Source. In the Boruto manga, Kashin Koji has revealed the first outer member of KARA; that member is Ao of the Hidden Mist Village.

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Ao in boruto


Ao was a middle aged man with prominent wrinkles. He had blue hair resembling a pompadour, albeit spikier. Much Ao (in Japanese: 青, Ao) was a supporting character in Naruto: Shippuden turned antagonist Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. A member of Kara, Ao was once a loyal ninja who serves the Hidden Mist Village and served the Fifth Mizukage. After suffering a devastating attack from the Ten-Tails in the Ao is the 17th chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Konohamaru investigates a compartment in the crashed blimp and copies data from it.
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The next episode is called "Our Father’s Backs." boruto ao.

He encounters Boruto and Team 7 on a train by chance (and oddly waves a screwdriver in the protagonist's face), but is also seen paying tribute to his The Ao Arc ( 青編, Ao-hen ), also known as the Vessel Arc ( 器編, Utsuwa-hen) in the anime, is an Losing soldiers time after time didn't have a good effect at all. It seemed like Ao became more reserved, as seen when he visited Konoha and paid respect to the fallen on the anniversary of the war, but all this time, Ao was a double agent -- losing his humanity the more parts of him were replaced by machinery.
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1 Min Read. The next great arc of theBoruto Anime: Naruto the Next Generations will see the return of Ao, the bodyguard of the Mizukage of the Village of Mists who was crucial to the Sensory Division during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Ao’s dark character. Ao appeared to be not just an Outers working for Kara, but he is revealed to have a shadowy reason for visiting the Hidden Leaf Village in the first place. Furthermore, the episode raised the tension when it seemed like Ao would kill Boruto without a second thought. This is before the anime confirmed these dark connections.