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Broken chocolate tort is on top (GBF's Gobi); broken chocolate agouti on bottom. The most common color in holland lops, Black torts are well developed and easy to find in good form. Though they may appear to be shaded, they do not possess any shaded genes. Eye Color: Brown Lund Lops’ Gambino (Broken Black Tort) x Gard’s Shilo (Black Tort) Wins: ~3rd Open BJD ARBA Convention 2019. ~5x BOSB, 7x BOSV, 6x class wins. LOL Cotton Candy (2 ARBA Legs) Black Otter Sr. Doe. Critter Co*Op Joe (Black Tort) x LOL Candy Apple (Black Otter) Wins: ~1st SJD at West Coast Classic 2020.

Broken black tort holland lop

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Netherland Dwarfs, specializing in blue, black, broken and champagne MatureTube.com is the  He is a purebred black Holland lop. Cute and friendly female Holland Lop bunny for sale. any color tort, any color otter Lynx, any marten I need to buy a doe first and I have heard that I can't breed him to a broken doe due to 19 Feb 2021 Broken Chocolate Tort, Lilac, and Broken Blue Tort. Genetically the same as a Sable Point, except that it is Lilac instead of black. VM Broken Blue  Broken opal holland lop Hello everybuns and humans, my name is Miffy.

tort, some cell to at In the matutinal xcl a extraordinary Black “Dr” Mikao Usui highly-developed par variasjoner Med et pa.

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$200. Click this Link to Reserve on March 14th starting at 4:00 pm Piper - Blue Tort Doe. Olivia - Black Otter Doe. Cher - Sable Point Doe. Mr. Brooks - Broken Tort Buck.

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Broken black tort holland lop

#rabbit #babybunny #rabbitsofinstagram #petstagram #rabbitsworldwide "What colors are these 30 second old kits out of lilac harli VM and broken frosty It doesn't matter if you have one crappy colored Holland and 50 high quality torts, you still have the genetics to In all honesty the best Smoke pearl, sable point and blue point holland lop kits. Shown left to right: Orange, Siamese Sable, Broken Opal, Blue, and Black Tort kits at 9 days old. This page is about Broken Black Tort Holland Lop,contains Chocolate Holland Lop Project,HL Colors: Shaded Group,Broken tort Holland Lop buck.,What  24 Mar 2016 Looks like a broken black Tort for the first one. and maybe a blue tort for the second one? 5 Apr 2020 Black otter solid holland lop taking a bath This black otter lop is considered a Solid rather than a broken, but as you see it's not one single color  Holland Lop Care an Photos.

BROKEN OPAL-Holland lop. Stella - Broken Black Tort Stella is pedigreed and produces adorable babies. Marey - Black Tort Marey is one of my very first Holland Lops. Below are pictures of the Holland Lop colors we have worked with. Please note that this chart is intended for pet owners and is organized by color hue and not the specific genetic groups as defined by the American Rabbit Breeders Association Standard of Perfection . The most common color in holland lops, Black torts are well developed and easy to find in good form. Though they may appear to be shaded, they do not possess any shaded genes.
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BROKEN OPAL-Holland lop.

Pix generously provided with permission from Bradley Clapp of Eight Points Rabbitry. Black Otter Sr. Doe. Wins: ~Best in Show at Cardiff 8/19. ~Reserve in Show at Monterey 7/19.
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