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Åtgärdsprogram för pilgrimsfalk 2011–2014 Falco peregrinus

Choice museum quality vessel. Rare. Pilgrim Flask of St. Sergios The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Select the image to zoom. Throughout the Middle Ages, small keepsakes were made for the masses of pilgrims who visited shrines across Europe, the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Land. A pilgrim flask, or ampulla, was a … The Trans-Border Arrangement of Ming Pilgrim Flasks and the Narrative of Transculturation in the British Museum.pdf Available via license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Content may be subject to copyright.

Pilgrim flask british museum

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Painted with Description. Porcelain moon flask (baoyue ping) with two cloud-shaped handles. Decorated in doucai style with underglaze blue outlines and washes and overglaze red, green and pale aubergine enamels. The design is of a flowering peach branch overhanging a stream, with iron red blossoms. Mark on neck. Description.

A souvenir flask. On side (a), within a border of studs, St Menas stands to front, his arms outstretched in blessing. Above each arm, separated by the head, is the inscription.

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no. 72). Chan masters was first coined by Japanese pilgrim monks traveling to China. 229 Brinker and One example is a Hanshan and Shide currently in the British At this temple, a pagoda was erected marking his tomb, and his flask of.

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Pilgrim flask british museum

The widespread popularity of the cult of St. Menas is attested by the hundreds of pilgrim flasks from his shrine that have been found throughout the Mediterranean region.

In 1599  pilgrim flask. Object Type: pilgrim flask. Museum number: PDF,A.733. Description : Porcelain moon flask (baoyue ping) with two cloud-shaped handles. Pilgrim flask or bottle, made from a gourd, of flattened circular shape, with wood neck and cork stopper, the stopper attached with twisted string to one of the two  Pilgrim Flask with Saint Menas 4th–7th century. Not on view. Ampullae like this one were used by pilgrims to bring home water or oil from the great pilgrimage  flask | British Museum.
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Pilgrim flask | Seleucid | The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1962, excavated by David Stronach, on behalf of the British Institute of Persian Studies; acquired by the Museum in 1978, as a result of its financial contribution to the excavations at Tepe Nush-i Jan Ewer, possibly a pilgrim flask.

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Åtgärdsprogram för pilgrimsfalk 2011–2014 Falco peregrinus

Antiqui- Lustrous Wheel-made pilgrim flasks were manufactured. (1988).